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Machine learning developer with a passion for AI and robotics


• Experience with Innovative Projects involving Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and robotics

• Experience training Reinforcement Learning models

• About 10 years developing, started with microcontrolers programming in Assemply, passed throughtC, C++, Java, C# and now most commonly Python as first language • Also worked with logic languages like Prolog

• Experience with communication protocols like MQTT, Rest API, Socket

• Experience with GIThub, Docker and infra-structure like Servers

• Small experience with HTML, CSS and Mobile Applications

• Very adaptative to technology changes and teamsDisponibilidade de mudança para: Qualquer lugar

Related Skills

C++, Java, C#, Python


YoutuberInteligência Mil Grau - Florianópolis, SCOutubro de 2019 - Present

• Making vídeos about Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Arduino, Raspberry Pi,Robotics and topics related

Machine Learning ResearcherISI Embedded Systems - Florianópolis, SCDezembro de 2013 - present

• Work experience with innovative projects, machine learning and robotics

• Training Deep Learning models for Computer Vision applied to robotic systems using PyTorch, MXNetand OpenCV

• Modeling machine learning algorithms to optime factory systems

• Building software for automation using python, C# and Java

• Developing 3D simulated environments using Unity

• Training models for embedded plattforms like ST using TensorFlow

• Experience with MQTT, Socket, OPC UA/DA, Rest API

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