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Senior engineer experienced in various programming languages


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C / C++ / Python / SQL / Rust


GLOBANT, Buenos Aires, Argentina Dec. 2019 – Present
Sr IoT Engineer
•Project Engineer/ Firmware and Embedded Linux Developer (C/C++ on A15-CortexM4-DSP)/
Hardware revisor in Audio Mixer project (ClearCom - USA)
•Project Engineer/ Firmware (C++ on Cortex-M4F)/ Embedded Linux Developer/ Hardware
revisor in Linkwear (JTECH - USA)
•Firmware (C++ on DSP)/Embedded Linux Developer/ Hardware revisor in TSP60 project, (HM
Electronics - USA)

FAVALORO UNIVERSITY, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sep. 2009 – Present
R&D Biomedical Engineering (2012 - 2014) - Professor (2009 - Present)
•Design and development of arterial pressure acquisition device for R&D applications (C on LPC1769 processor)Mechanical traction tests on arterial tissues.
•Professor of Digital Electronics and Embedded Systems
•Final Project Mentor of ECG acquisition device.

CITEDEF, Buenos Aires, Argentina Dec. 2014 – Dec. 2019
R&D Applied Chemistry Department
•Technical Notes on Quality Standard in Embedded Firmware
•Management and Design of Defense R&D Project based on electronic detonators (C on Cortex
M0 processor)
•Design and Development of pyrotechnic-electronic devices, such as electronic initiators,
electro-mechanical security devices and operative consoles based on embedded linux.
•Data processing of pyrotechnic compound profiles.

NEROX, Buenos Aires, Argentina May 2011 – Sep. 2012
Embedded Systems Designer
•Design and implementation (hardware + firmware) of long term acquisition device of analytical
variables of water quality. (C on TI MSP430 processor)
•Design of Digital Signal Processing software for real time measurement
•User Interface PC Software for embedded devices (C++)

UTN, Buenos Aires, Argentina Mar. 2008 – Dec. 2019
R&D Biomedical Engineering
•Design, development and implementation of instrumentation devices for hydro-mechanical test
on arterial segments. (2008 - 2011)
•Assistant professor (2012-2014 / 2016-2019)
ALL, Buenos Aires, Argentina Mar. 2006 – Mar. 2008
Jr Developer
•Software development for automated data analysis (SQL and C++)

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