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A team building platform like no other

Leverage talented engineers, instantly.

Great idea? Meet flawless execution

Running a robotics company requires mastering hardware, software, and business. Our platform frees up mindspace for founders by giving them access to rigorously vetted talent, when they need it.

Local laws, taxes, and benefits for all hires are managed by us, so you can focus on building product.


Customer feedback is important for us

"It’s hard to do a really good job on anything you don’t think about in the shower."
"We nailed our Techcrunch demo and raised funding by leveraging Fluid Dev"
"We were approaching a client deadline so we reached out to Fluid Dev and brought on an engineer in the same week."
"Working through Fluid Dev accelerated my exposure to bleeding edge VSLAM."

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Abate De Mey
Fluid Dev Co-Founder
Kav Ohiomoba
Fluid Dev Co-Founder
Erika Moposa
Talent Acquisition
Duygu Erden
Business Development

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